Seller's closing checklist


Photo Identification

 Your driver's license or other government photo identification (i.e. Passport; Military ID, etc.). 

Power of Attorneys

 Any original power of attorneys to be used at closing 

Inspections, Reports and Invoices

If applicable, original inspection reports for termite, septic, and well.  If applicable, any repair invoices for items to be paid at the time of closing 

Access to Home

 House keys and garage door openers. 

Forwarding Address

Social Security Number

Frequently asked questions

FAQ's About Real Estate Closings

Q. Who will schedule my closing? 

A. The closing date will be determined at the time of contract. Your realtor or loan officer will call the most convenient TITLESERV office and schedule a date and time for your closing.

Q. Do I need an attorney? 

A. The title agent does not represent the buyer or seller.   A title company issues the title policies and prepares the settlement documents according to the terms of the contract only.  Although it is not customary, you may certainly choose to be represented at closing by an attorney.   Q. Who will check the title to my new property? 

A. On behalf of the lender, the title agent and his or her staff will examine the court house records for title matters and tax information. If you or your lender request a survey, it is also ordered by the closing attorney. 

Q. Will I receive a title insurance policy? 

A. Lenders title policy is included in your closing cost. For an additional premium at closing, you can obtain an Owners Policy which will protect your title against any liens or defects in title which cannot be found in a careful examination of title. The TITLESERV Title Agents or Closing Attorneys can more fully explain owners insurance to you at closing. 

Q. How will I know how much money to bring to closing? 

A. At the time of loan application the loan officer will give you a Good Faith Estimate of costs. He or she will forward a copy of this to the TITLESERV office where you will close your loan. These figures will be used in preparing your loan documents. 

Q. Can I write a personal check for the closing costs and down payment? 

A. Florida law does not permit a title agent or closing attorney to accept a personal check over $500. You will need to bring a cashiers check or money order from your financial institution to your closing. Again, refer to the figures from your Good Faith Estimate and lender instructions. Q. What other information do I need to bring to the closing? 

A. You will need to obtain a hazard insurance policy on your new home. The coverage amount must be at least the amount of your mortgage loan. You will be asked for the original policy at closing. 

Q. Are there any special requirements for the purchase of a condominium? 

A. We will need a copy of the Hazard Insurance Policy from the association. The president of the association will provide you with a certificate which you will bring to your closing. 

Q. Who should attend the closing? 

A. All parties to the loan and those who will be listed on title must be present at closing. In addition, the realtors will also attend the closing with you. 

Q. Will I receive copies of the loan documents? 

A. You will receive a copy of each document that you sign at closing. The attorney will provide this to you in a legal document folder. This folder should be placed in your safety deposit box. Q. How long will I be in the closing? 

A. A closing generally takes about an hour. After all of the documents are signed, we will be pleased to shake your hand and give you the keys to your new home. The final step in the process of buying a new home is the real estate closing. At TITLESERV, your loan will be closed in a friendly relaxed atmosphere with experienced title agents or real estate attorneys to explain, on behalf of your lender, the closing documents. We welcome the opportunity to coordinate with the agents and loan officer to make this legal process a pleasant experience for you.  

You can be assured of our commitment to provide the highest quality of legal service without losing sight of the significance of the transaction to the purchasers and sellers.  

If you have any other questions regarding your closing, we are happy to offer our assistance. Please feel free to contact us.